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We have many incredible deals on new & used equipment....  We will be adding more equipment to our site in the next month....Check out our *Hot Used Deals* for some great bargains on equipment....


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EdgeTech CTS 730 Late 90's Countertop Saw, Excellent Condition              Price   $7,800


Martin Model T20 Shapers, Quantiy of 3 available                                                        Price   Call

SCM 2005 Concept 1000/MT-M Single End Tenoner with 96 Heads                         Price  Call

Grecon Opticut 104                                                                                                                       Price  Call

SCM MB51 Multi Head Boring Machine                                                                              Price  Call

Whiteney 36" Double Sided Planer with knife grinder                                  Price  $11,000

500 KVA Transformer, 240 to 480, or 480 to 240                                                Price $4,750

Busellato FL1 Dowel Insertion Machine, 2000 model, good condition           Price     Sold




JLT Door Clamp M-5                                                                              Price   Call

Late Model Cameron Automation 37A-M2 Optimizing Cut  off Saw        Price $16,500




2007 Striebig Evolution Vertical Panel Saw                                                   Price Sold

 Late Model Vitap Smart Contour Edgebander , Premium Condition             Price   Sold

   See The video

Viet  52" Triple Head Wide Belt Sander, Model S2-323 in Excellent Condition    Price Sold

AEM 43" Single Head Wide Belt Sander, 1999.  Excellent Condition                    Price  Sold

Woodmaster Drum Sander                                                                                     Price Sold

Weinig ProfiMat 23E Moulder.  Excellent Condition                                           Price Sold

Late Model Antec 5 Head Moulder, Excellent Condition                                       Price Call



Kolle Formatic, German Made 10' Sliding Table Saw, Excellent Condition   Price         Sold

Wood Tek Overam Router, Perfect Condition, No Use                                                        $3,500

Late Model Norfield Magnum Prehanging Machine           Price    $10,500 Reduced $8,750

Norfield Magnum prehanging Machine                                                        Price                $8,000

SCM T130 Heavy Duty Long Table Shaper with Feeder, Excellent Condition    Price      Sold, Sold

Schelling FMH 430, 2005 Front Load 4" Stack Height Beam Saw                                     Price    Sold




Lobo CM-A19 Dovetailer, 2004 model, slightly used                                        Price $ 6,500




Felder 2005 KF700 8' Sliding Table Saw With 1 1/4" Shaper Spindle, Mint Condition     Price    Sold


Late Model Doucet 20 Section Clamp Cariier                                                                    Price Call

Vitap Thunder Late Model CNC Dowel Insertion Machine,                     Price   Sold

Powermatic Model 2A Tenoner                                                                        Price $3,000

Oliver 4910 Straight Line rip Saw, Never been used                                   Price $10,000


Bridgewood 16" two sided Planer                                                               Price $10,200

Ritter Frame Table with Drill Tub                                                                Price Sold



Busellato Flexa 200 Edgebander with corner rounding, 2004 Model                              Price   $29,000

2005 Felder AD-741 Combination 16" Planer/16" Jointer, Mint Condition                        Price    Sold


SCM Olimpic Edgebander, 2001 Model with premill and 2 motor corner rounding  * Price   Call for Price

*Includes return conveyor


Picture and Specs coming soon

Uhling HP 3000 Case Clamp, Excellent Condition, Late Model                                          Price  Sold

    SCMI D80K-SP3B Double End Tenoner             Price  Sold    Sold


Lobo EGS-32, 6" x 132" Edge Sander                                                            Price $900



 Maka STV-160 Oscillating Chisel Mortiser             Price     Sold  Sold



    See The Video


Digital CNC Router                                                                                Sold,Sold

Burlington Wire Brush Machine for Distressing Southwest Style Doors    Price    Sold, Sold


Torwegge Rip Saw                                          Sold, Sold


         18" Powermatic Planer                                                                                                        Price  $2,500 


      2004 Felder Model FB-640 24" Bandsaw, Mint Condition                                Price Sold


     Centauro Cl 900 36" Bandsaw                                                                                              Price Sold





             Busellato 1999 Optima                            Price  $18,000





       2004 Busellato Jet 2, 4'x10' Rail and Pod CNC Machining Center        Sold    Sold


           Quickwood R0800 Finish Sander                           Price  $7,400    


     Taylor 40 Section Semi-Automatic Clamp Carrier       Price    Sold







        Holzher Vertical Panel Saw                                                        Price Sold

  Holzher Sprint 1310-1 Edgebander                                            Price Sold, Sold


              Delta RS-15 Heavy Duty Shaper with Feeder     Sold    Sold


SCMI  T 130 Heavy Duty Shaper with Feeder            Sold     Sold


 Construction Boring Machine                Price $1,800 

Weinig Unimat 17 Moulder.

Very low use, excellent condition                         Sold  Sold


   CTD Chop Saw                            Price CAll for Price




  Pallet Racks                                            Price Sold


      Large Dust Collection Heavy Duty Elbows Quantity (2)  Brand New, Never Been Used       Price $300 each 


Heavy Duty 17 Guage 90 Degree Long Radius 20" Welded Steel Dust Collection Elbows,                                             Great Price


  Evans 0710 3 year old countertop saw


         Evans Countertop Saw                               Price     Sold    Sold








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